Blanchards Restaurant has been one of Anguilla’s most beloved dining institutions for over 30 years.

About Blanchards Restaurant in Anguilla.

Founded in 1994, the dramatic success of Blanchards is due in part to the relationships developed by the founders, Bob & Melinda Blanchard, with their team. To say the Blanchards team works well together is an understatement. They take care of each other beyond what most people can imagine. Those relationships are the foundation of what translates to a dining experience filled with warmth and hospitality. The menus at Blanchards Restaurant & Beach Shack always offer a lively, inventive blend of international flavors made with the freshest ingredients possible.

The Blanchards’ book, A Trip to the Beach, now in its 19th printing, documents the obstacles and rewards they encountered while moving to the Caribbean. The bestselling, inspirational travel essay continues to motivate thousands to send letters and e-mails asking the Blanchards for advice on following their own dreams.