For mixed media artist Jesse Blanchard, the slow cadence of island living is pictorially transformed into contemplative compositions that utilize a variety of materials. 

Blanchard, who now makes his home in Santa Fe, notes an interest in imbuing imagined landscapes with a specific sense of place. Most often, this drive is culled from his own experiences growing up in New England and spending many years on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. When one considers the spectacular colors that both of these locales are known for, it becomes clear where Blanchard derives inspiration for these light drenched tableaux. Employing a palette of mellow pastels and deeper, more vivid cerulean blues or melon oranges, Blanchard evokes the easy tranquility of a beach vacation.

An established artist whose work has been extensively exhibited throughout the United States and Caribbean, Jesse Blanchard masterfully evokes a sense of time and place with his interpretive, often dream-like compositions. His work has found permanent incorporation in an impressive number of private and public collections.

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